High Strength Steel Plate

Weldox steels have excellent welding properties and the workpiece preheating requirements are moderate. This is mainly due to the low content of alloying elements and the low carbon content. In Weldox plate, high strength is therefore combined with high toughness and good weldability.

The chemical composition of Weldox steels is very similar to that of ordinary structural steels, which makes these materials compatible for welding to each other.

The weight savers and the cost cutters

By using Weldox steels in welded structures, the loadbearing capacity can be increased, while production costs can be cut due to the reduced plate weight and the lower material costs.

A reduction in the plate thickness cuts the welded joint volume, thereby reducing the quantity of filler metal and the welding time.

Moreover, by using thinner plate, the preheating requirement can be reduced, which lowers the cost further.


Weldox 500
Weldox 500 is applied for structural steelwork, trailers, offshore structures, water tanks, mobile crushers, pressure vessels, bridges.

Weldox 700
Weldox 700 is applied for penstocks, mining equipment, dumper bodies, mobile cranes.

Weldox 900 and 960
Weldox 900 and 960 is applied for conveyor systems, roof supports, test frames for aero engines, offshore structures, agricultural equipment.

Weldox 1100
Weldox 1100 is applied for mobile bridge, roof supports.

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