The Beginning - The History

In the year of 1984, PT. Krupindo Lestari was established as a small company, operating in the office and warehouse in Northern Jakarta.

The name Krupindo was taken from the word Krupp and Indonesia, the background was our company maincore business was as the agent, distributor and stockist of Krupp Steel Products, authorized from Krupp VDM and Leong Jin - Singapore in the past years.

Meanwhile, the name Lestari means Everlasting and PT means Company Limited.

Our company is national owned private company and was German product oriented, since Germany was and still the best source for technical products for both materials and machines.

That's why we were also the agent and distibutor for Cleaning Equipment from Weidner - Germany.

Since 1986, we began our cooperation with Swedish steel producer namely SSAB for marketing the HARDOX wear resistance plate (Abrasion Resistance Steel) in Indonesia, working hard to convince the users to use the wear resistance plate to replace their usage of mild steel. Years go by, nowadays, HARDOX  became the brand and market leader in Abrasion Resistance Steel (AR) in Indonesia.

Avesta Welding was also one of the best source for European welding products that we have been cooperating for a long time.

Besides the cooperation with Germany and Swedish Company, we were also selling the high quality products from Asian country such as the welding and cutting automation products from ProArc Inc. Taiwan and also the legendary Welding Machine Miyata.


Since the merger of Krupp and Thyssen in 1999 that forming the new giant German Company namely ThyssenKrupp AG (ThyssenKrupp Group Company), our relationship and cooperation with them remain the same and we were officially appointed as official trading arms in Indonesia for Isan Metall GmbH in 2004 (a ThyssenKrupp company, former from Thyssen side) and registered officially in Indonesian Embassy in Germany.

In 2005, Isan Metall GmbH was merged into bigger company of ThyssenKrupp Group Company namely Otto Wolff Handelsgesellschaft mbH as a division of this company. Three years later, the name Isan Metall no more in used and then Otto Wolff Handelgesself officially re-appointed our company as their official trading arms in Indonesia.

Nowadays, our company has grown to be one of the well known sole agent, stockist and distributor for metal and industrial supplies in Indonesia.

Our office located on Jl. Pangeran Jayakarta, The heart of metal and industrial supplies business area in Jakarta and our owned warehouse with 18,000 sq. meters which is situated in Tangerang, approx. 25 km from the center of Jakarta. And more than 100 employees are involved in our business .

To support our business, we are also serving our customers with heat treatment service, cutting service for steels and a specially provided service department for many kind of welding machines, plasma cutting machines, and industrial cleaning equipments.

The following industrial fields has been supplied by our company for many years such as :
mould and dies industries, cement plant, palm oil mill, sugar mill, ship building, mining, oil and gas, pulp and paper, steel mill, transportation industries, glass & tiles, power station, textile, and general engineering.

We are not the biggest scale of steel suppliers, but we are well known as one of just several trusted and reliable special steel suppliers in Indonesia.
Quality is the priority in our business and price is very relative to it.
We give the best price that meets it's quality.

PT. KRUPINDO LESTARI, Jl. P. Jayakarta 24/10-11, Jakarta 10730, Tel.(62-21) 639 3933 (hunting), Fax. (62-21) 639 8907, E-mail: