Cutting System

Product of United ProArc Corp.

ProArc cuts metals and cost
The following series are typical cutting systems:

FOCUS 6/12/15/25

FOCUS series are compact coordinate gas cutting machines designed for a broad range cutting applications and with provision for future expansion. It is very easy for you to install and operate. Both optical tracing and CNC controls are available. Effective cutting width is from 600mm to 2500mm.

MAGICUT 15/20/25

With MAGICUT, you don't have to tear off torch. It requires minimum floor space yet supplies maximum cutting area. Gantry type, box-beam construction, Unique-Belt design combined with rack and pinion drives make Magicut an excellent sturdy machine of high stability and rigidity. The machine can be equipped with 4 to 8 torches and provides effective cutting width from 1500mm to 2500mm.

MASTER 30/40/50

MASTER series , a gantry type CNC cutting machine, a precision and heavy duty family of ProArc product, are designed for quality and durability. Unique-Belt design offers more cutting area than others. You have a wide range of options such as automatic hole-piercing, zinc powder marking, beveling, torch height control etc.


ATHLETE series provide excellent cut-piece accuracy and smooth cut edges in high speed when incorporating with a precision plasma cutting system. Customers could choice either ball-screw or rack-pinion drive depending on their requirements of speed and application. Using Athlete, you will increase efficiency, accuracy and flexibility.

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