Welding & Cutting Automation

P-Type, Programmable, Low Voltage
All Position, Variable Speed Travel Carriage

An Introduction to Gullco "Kat" Welding / Cutting Automation

Heart of the System
Gullco's World Famous "Kat" Travel Carriage

What is it ?
The Gullco "Kat" carriage is essentially a motorized platform for welding guns and cutting torches that travels along a special track. Its purpose is to automate welding/cutting operations by moving the activated gun or torch along the desired work path at the exact required speed. Result : manual error and fatigue problems are eliminated .... specified quality and productivity targets are repeatedly achieved.

How Does it operate ?
The electrically powered 'Kat' has a pinion drive gear that engages the rack on the special Kat track, driving it forward or reverse at selected speeds. A wheel guide system grips each side of the track enabling the Kat to travel in any position... even upside down. An advanced micro-processor based control provides precise forward/reverse speed settings for optimum automated weld or cut results.

Gullco KAT GK-191 Series and GK 192 Series
Gullco Kat Welding / Cutting Automation available in GK-191 Series for use with rigid aluminium kat track and GK-192 series fo use with flexible spring steel flex-track

Travel Carriage and Oscillator Controls are housed in this version of the Kat... which combines welding gun oscillation movement with precise travel speed of the Kat to produce many angular and step patterns. Some are shown at right. An outstanding feature is the oscillator head. It is an independent unit that can be easily adjusted side to side or forward / backward to provide the most effective angle for multi-pass oscillation.

This version of the Kat houses Kat carriage control and Auto-Weld control which responds to adjustable timers and limit switches that are "tripped" by actuators on the track. Various control settings and actuator positions are combined to repeatdly perform automated weld/cut cycles including stitch welding.

Torch Indexing
This version of the Kat is designed to automate overlay work. The system utilizes a control that indexes tha rack arm at each end of the Kat travel path. It responds to limit switches activated by adjustable track mounted stops.

 GK-191 Series for use with rigid aluminium kat track


GK-192 series fo use with flexible spring steel flex-track

Getting on the Right Track
Gullco Kat Track is available in Rigid or Flex Track to suit flat or curved surface applications... along with track mounting device models for effective use on metallic or non metallic surfaces.

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