Precision Strip         Non-Ferrous 
  • Copper - C1100, C1220. 
  • Brass - C2600, C2680. 
  • Phosphor Bonze - C5102, C5191, C5210. 
  • Beryllium Copper: 
    • Age Hardenable - C17200, C17000, C17510, C17500, C17530. 
    • Mill Hardenable - C17200, C17000. 
  • Other alloys upon request - eg. C194, Nickel Silver, Nickel alloys, Aluminium. 
Supplied Condition Bare metal or pre-plated.
Temper Ranges Soft, 1/4 hard, 1/2 hard, 3/4 hard, Full hard, Extra hard, Spring hard.
Stock Range Thickness:  0.10 - 1.50mm
Cut Width:  6 - 450mm 

(in-house slitting services are available)

Precision Strip         Ferrous 
  • Spring Steel eg. JIS SUP3 etc.. 
  • Cold-rolled Carbon Steel eg. JIS S50C and SK5 etc.. 
  • Hot-rolled Carbon Steel eg. DIN St2, St3, 16MNCr5 etc.. 
  • Cold-rolled Stainless Steel. 
  • Cold-rolled Stainless Steel for Springs. 
  • Precipitation-hardening Stainless Steel. 

Precision Wire         Non-Ferrous and Ferrous 
  • Beryllium Copper - C17200. 
  • Phosphor Bronze - C5191, C5212. 
  • Copper - C1100. 
  • Stainless Steel for Springs. 
  • Hard-Drawn Steel. 

Enquiry Checklist      Please specify the following for your enquiry or order: 
Width Millimetres or inches. 
Thickness Millimetres or inches. 
Quantity Kilograms, tonnes, metres or feet. 
Temper Annealed, 1/2 Hard, Hard etc.. 
Hardness in HV. 
Tensile in N/mm2.
Specification JIS, AISI, DIN, etc.. 
Finish Surface - Bright, polished etc..
Edges - Slit, sheared, de-burred, rounded etc..
Tolerances Standard or Precision, plus and minus,
a) Width    b) Thickness,
Form Of Supply Coils - State size,minimum/maximum coil ID, maximum coil OD.
Lengths - State length in inches/feet, millimetres/metres, special tolerances.
Packing Paper wrapped, shrink wrapped boxed - palletized. 

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