Flux-cored Wire

Approved to ISO 9002
Registration No.FM 20031


Avesta Welding's flux-cored wire consists of a tube of 18/8-material filled with a granular core of flux. The flux contains both slag-forming compounds and alloying elements. The composition of the flux is important for the welding properties obatined as well as for the chemical composition and strength of the weld metal. Flux-cored wire is supplied layer wound on MIG-type plastic spools. Weight 12.5 kg (Dia 0.9 mm, 5.0 kg)

Delivery Programme

In the standard programme the dia. 1.2 mm wire is available for all types, dia. 0.9 mm for 308L and 316L and dia. 1.6 mm for 308L, 316L and 316L-PW.

FCW 308L AWS A5.22.E308LT0-4
FCW 308L-PW AWS A5.22.E308LT1-4
FCW 308 H AWS A5.22.E308HT0-4
FCW 309L AWS A5.22.E309LT0-4
FCW 309L-PW AWS A5.22.E309LT1-4
FCW 316 L AWS A5.22.E316LT0-4
FCW 316L-PW AWS A5.22.E316LT1-4
FCW 317L AWS A5.22.E317LT0-4
FCW 347 AWS A5.22.E347T0-4
FCW 2205 AWS A5.22.E2209T0-4
FCW 2205-H AWS A5.22.E2209T0-4
FCW 2205-PW AWS A5.22.E2209T1-4
FCW P5 AWS A5.22.E309LMoT0-4

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