Arc Welding Electrodes

Approved to ISO 9002
Registration No.FM 20031

Product Range

Arc Welding electrodes from Avesta Welding AB are specified on the following pages. Non-standard electrodes can be manufactured to special order.

HX-AC/DC     high-recovery electrodes for fast welding.
PW-AC/DC     for site welding and tube welding.
VDX-AC/DC   for welding vertically down.

All electrodes are available manufactured to the requirements set forth by the nuclear power industry - ASME Code Sect III and KTA 1408.

Steels and applications
Recommended Avesta electrode
Non Mo-alloyed
Ferritic-martensitic steels   739 S, 248 SV
Ferritic-austenitic steels 2304 453 S, 2205, 2507/P100
Non-stabilized austenitic steels 308L / MVR, 308L 316L, 316L/SKR, 317L/SNR, SLR
Stabilized austenitic steels 347/MVNb, 308L/MVR 318/SKNb, 316L/SKR
Unalloyed/low alloy steel to stainless  steel and surfacing of unalloyed steel with stainless steel 309L, P7 P5, P6, P9
Heat resisting steels 309, 310, 253 MA, 353 MA  
Special steels in highly corrosive enviroments   254 SFER, 904L, P12-R, P16, 2507/P100
Nickel-based alloys P10 P12-R, P16
Position and site welding 308L/MVR-PW 2205-PW, 316L/SKR-PW, 904L-PW, P5-PW
Welding vertically down 308L/MVR-VDX 316L/SKR-VDX, P5-VDX
Welding requiring low or zero percent ferrite 308L-LF SKR-NF, P6, SLR-NF
Welding of cryogenic components P10, 308L-LF P6
Surfacing where high heat resistance is required P7,P10, 253 MA P6
Joint welding and surfacing of difficult to weld steels P7 P5, P9

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