253 MA

General Properties
This high temperature fully austenitic stainless steel has been developed to give good resistance to oxidation at high temperatures, combined with good creep strength throughout a temperature range up to 1150° C even when subject to large rapid temperature changes.

The high silicon content and the addition of nitrogen and the rare earth element cerium ensure that when oxides form, they adhere to the material enhancing the resistance to scaling and abrasion at temperatures up to 1150° C.

These elements also ensure the excellent creep strength at these high temperatures resulting in minimum deformation.

Because of the material's resistance to abrasion, corrosion and deformation at high temperatures, it is the ideal stainless steel for use in cement production and mineral preperation industries. Rotary kilns, pipes, muffles, refractory anchors and oven parts made from 253MA will resist their harsh enviroment and give long life.

Formability and Weldability
Good - welding electrodes available in MIG and TIG, if gas shielding, use argon.


 Typical Analysis  C 0.10, Si 1.7, CR 21.0, Ni 11.0, N 0.17, Ce 0.05 
 Hardness  235 HB/HV
 0.2% Proof Stress  310 N/MM2
 Tensile  650/850 N/MM2
 Elogation  30% Min
 Resistant to scaling in air  up to approx 1150° C
 Melting Point  1420° C
 Density  7.8 g/cm3
 Magnetisable  NO

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